“AGAIN” by NoИ is the portraiture of a lonely young woman living the same routine over and over, trapped in this huge building suddenly everything will go out of control.

“A dystopian music video shot in the extraordinary Walden 7 building in Barcelona.”

Directed by Eliya Akbaş
Written by Eliya Akbaş & Alex Bacigalupo

Starring: Annick Weerts & Imogen Mansfield

Produced by Moments Studios
Executive Producers: Paolo Maria Rossini & Virginie Cheng

Cinematographer: Peter Kreil

Music by: NoИ
Lyrics: Luisa Rossini
Music Producers: Nicola Fanari and Luca Fogagnolo
Mixed by: Nicola Fanari @Hikosound Studios Berlin
Bass: Luca Fogagnolo
Additional Keyboards: Nicola Fanari