Into Their World

Dreams Academy, Kaş, Turkey

In our daily lives we are not used to communicate with disabled people. We may be embarrassed, guilty, and we see them as people with a disability, and not as persons.
A lot of family feel ashamed, they feel helpless and they don’t know what to do. Dreams Academy at Kaş in Turkey is a facility for people with disabilities and social disadvantaged, so they can get involved in a social life. As a volunteer, I felt this experience as a way to improve myself. It was the first time I volunteered, and since then I became interested by taking portraits of disabled people. During my stay, we had two groups, one of blind or partially-sighted people; and one with cerebral palsy.

In our societies we tend to categorize people. Without denying their disabilities, I didn’t want to focus on it, I wanted to show their beauty through their emotions as a single human being. I was quite amazed how each of them have their own face expressions. Their disability is a part of who they are.